Frequently asked questions

What if I'm not good at public speaking?

Lucky for you this experience is about utilising the strongest aspects of every individual. You don't have to be a great speaker to be a great delegate, you could have great writing skills or great leadership skills that allow you to take hold of a room of 25 delegates or 300 delegates. Here there is room for everyone and we try to put in positions where you will flourish and grow based on your strongest points. If you really want to get into politics, speaking, leadership, writing, etc., this is a club where you will be put in the best position to do so.

Is Model UN like the debate club?

In short, no it's not. Model UN is about learning to work together and resolving world issues while respecting each state's individualistic ideas. Yes, we may win awards but the awards are based on the way you perform as a representative of a state and how you are able to work with others, not just how much you can debate.

What do you do at meetings?

During every meeting we help prepare you for what might happen during a MUN conference. This involves going over and explaining what you're supposed to do to prepare for a MUN conference, what formal/infromal session is, going over how and what you're supposed to say during a speech, learning how to write resolutions, how to interact with other delegates, etc... Every meeting presents something new you can use to help be the best delegate you can be at a MUN conference.

When do you meet?

We meet every Monday's and Wednesday’s in Rathus Hall 210 from 12:15 - 1:30. We meet so often so you can learn how to speak like a delegate and act like a delegate, including knowing all the information you can about your state.

How do I join Model UN?

You can join Model UN by attending the meetings on a regular basis or by sending us an email: qcmodelun@gmail.com, when we get closer to our next conference date there will be tryouts to see who will attend the conference (maximum 12 people can come)

Can I join/still be part of Model UN if I don't attend a conference?

Of course! Besides the conferences, the Model UN team hosts numerous events that you can attend and be a part of, and if you have an idea for an event, you can let us know by emailing us: qcmodelun@gmail.com and we'll be in touch with you!

What is Model UN

Model United Nations is an educational simulation of the United Nations. The QC Model United Nations team attends national conferences bi-annually, representing various different member states while drafting UN resolutions.

What do I gain from joining Model UN

You will gain improvements with your: public speaking, political writing, persuasion, political research, skills in diplomacy, knowledge on international issues. Plus it's a great thing to add to your resume! And you have the chance of getting a trip to Washington DC