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About Model United Nations

Model United Nations is an educational simulation of the United Nations. The QC Model United Nations team has been around for over 3 decades attending national bi annual conferences 

By being a part of Model United Nations, you will see improvements with your: public speaking, political writing, persuasion, political research, skills in diplomacy, knowledge on international issues. Plus it's a great thing to add to your resume, and you have the chance to go on a trip to Washington DC!

Meet the Model United Nations Team

Meet the members of the Model United Nations team and see the accomplishments of past and current members                                  

Meet the Eboard



Sara Hosseini

“Model UN  gave me the opportunity to not only gain the skills of public speaking and debating it also allowed me opportunities to gain the confidence I needed to excel in other aspects of my college career."


Vice President 

Rene Yaroshevsky

“Our MUN team is the very definition of ‘positive vibes.’ I don’t think there’s any better opportunity than at our MUN team for students of all majors at QC to get involved in issues of great importance to the whole world. This team can be the catalyst for people to change themselves and work to change the world.”


Jordan Tomiye

"Being part of MUN has been a life changing experience for me, everything we've done together we did it as one big family and this is one of the happiest family's you'll see."


Jay Rivera

"MUN will be a great experience, the people you meet here will be life long friends, the skills you make here, will improve the rest of your life, professionally, and personally!"

Social Media Chair

Shania Sawh

"MUN helped me find a level of confidence that I didn’t know I was capable of achieving and it provided me with an abundance of new skills that have allowed me to further excel in my studies."


Fundraising Coordinator 

Aimen Hassan

"You can treat Model UN either as an extracurricular activity that you do away with as soon as you graduate, or you can see it as a transformative experience that gifted me and my fellow members when we discovered better versions of our own selves."

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